4 Ways to Cope with Depression

1. Routine maintenance.  May sound fancy but just means maintaining a routine.  Wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day.  Eat meals at the same time every day.  May sound corny, but set alarms for yourself to do these things.

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2. Exercise. Especially outdoors. May sound trite, but it is for a reason. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals. Getting outdoors exposes us to feel-good vitamins.

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3. Spend time with others. May sound like a big feat when you’re depressed, but it’s very important. We tend to withdraw from others and isolate ourselves when we’re depressed. So, we need to fight that tendency as much as possible. Try to engage in at least one social activity a week.

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4. Do something that brings you happiness and joy. Again, may sound corny, but we underestimate how important it is to have a passion and participate in it. Find a hobby. Anything from taking an acting class or fixing up old cars. Or, collecting action figures or lifting weights.

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Obviously, these aren’t the only ways to cope with depression.

Go to the Mayo Clinic website to learn more.

Or, go to the Psychology Today website to find a therapist.


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